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Nuestro logo delirio de oaxaca

Delirium for Mezcal

We had our quest set out for us: design a prodigious bottle to honor and re-dignify mezcal. We were just in love with the product and needed to create something long lasting and profound.

Premio a nuestro mezcal Delirio
Premio a nuestro mezcal Delirio
Premio a nuestro mezcal Delirio
Premio a nuestra botella

Our Awards

100% Agave espadin (Angustifolia haw)
42° Alc. Vol.
Artisanal production process
2 Distillations in copper stills

Mezcal, maguey, oaxaca
molienda tipo tahona
Maestros mezcaleros

Back then, and today still, the mezcal world is predominantly identified with folkloric looking bottles and labels. We wanted more for mezcal and took a risk in launching Delirio. To our eyes, a delirius and elegant approach.

And so it came to be: beautiful and elegant, Art Deco inspired. We decided to make a statement out of it and strip the bottle of ornaments and decoration. We wanted mezcal to be the true champion, so we didn’t even dare put our label on it; we simply discretely signed it, leaving the spot light on mezcal.

Our admiration for maguey is captured and engraved deep into our bottle. Inspired in Bellas Artes, its magnificent handrails and exquisite alabaster lamps.

In the words of our designer: “Art Deco is a very elegant, geometric, abstraction; it has proven to be a lasting and prevailing movement”..

It is artisanal in traditional stone ovens and natural fermentation in pine vats.

It has a robust profile with an agave aroma and soft fruity notes, with a semi-smoky character.

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