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Nuestro mezcal en tu corazón y espíritu
Nuestro mezcal en tu corazón y espíritu

Since we fell in love with mezcal, we refuse to explain the reasons. Actually, there were no reasons, no sexy story, just the impulse of  “M E Z C A L I Z A R N O S”

(you will do it when you take it).

Commitment to nature

We respect nature's times to select the best agaves that allow us to generate a mezcal with flavor, aroma and body. The master mezcaleros have certified mezcal production processes through selection, jima, cooking, grinding and fermentation. We have focused on the production of mezcal-based products, strengthening the producer through fair trade.



This drink has been in Mexican culture since 400 BC. and it was an important part of the pre-Hispanic era, where the inhabitants considered it as a concoction of the gods that could only be accessed by the high command on special occasions. For us, quality is a commitment and respecting these ancestral processes to reach each bottle and make each occasion special.

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